Gynecomastia refers to an abnormal development in the male mammary glands, which results in breast enlargement as typically seen in women. This condition may either occur physiologically because of the mother's female hormones or during adolescence or the senior years because of metabolic disorders or diseases.

Although Gynecomastia isn't fatal, no man would want to suffer from it because it is unpleasant and can cause drops in a man's self-esteem and mind.

Gynecomastia in Bodybuilding

Some bodybuilders may suffer from a special form of Gynecomastia called pure glandular Gynecomastia, which is known to occur when men use too many anabolic steroids. Because of the excessive levels of testosterone found in these steroids, bodybuilders and various other athletes sometimes get afflicted by steroid side effects after the testosterone converts into estrogen.

The steroids in bodybuilding those are most notorious for bringing about Gynecomastia are usually the ones that undergo aromatization - a process that occurs in the muscle and fat cells and makes the estrogen shift and lead to the growth of breast tissue. Anadrol and testosterone are the most common culprits, but other testosterone derivatives may be held responsible, too.

Unfortunately, this kind of Gynecomastia can only be treated with breast surgery. By excising some of the tissue in the breast, bodybuilders can reach a flat nipple and areola complex. In most cases, liposuction isn't actually necessary.

Treatment of Gynecomastia

There are various ways to treat Gynecomastia, but breast surgery is usually the most paramount if the man wants to experience reliable, successful and permanent results out of it. Studies actually show that 35% of men with Gynecomastia who do not get breast surgery to get rid of their breast tissue end up experiencing the same problem in the future. Naturally, surgical procedures will need to be done by a professional surgeon, though. However, when done right, recurrence of the condition is very rare.

Some men turn to medication to treat mature Gynecomastia, but this isn't actually recommended because it is hardly effective - especially if the condition has been around for more than half a year. Liposuction will not get rid of the breast glands, either. Instead, it will merely get rid of the adipose tissue surrounding them.

If the development is still in its earlier stages, then paying close attention to the endocrine levels could prove to be helpful. After that, though, the breast tissue will harden and remain there, leaving no choice for treatment but surgery. Some of the surgical procedures that men can look into for Gynecomastia include gland excisions alone or gland excisions used with liposuction.

Although medications in the form of selective estrogen receptor modulators can be helpful during treatment, they aren't universally approved yet. Some of these treatments include clomifene and tamoxifen, androgens, and aromatase inhibitors.

Men who suffer from prostate cancer prior to estrogen therapy may look into radiation therapy in order to prevent Gynecomastia from occurring. Men who simply want to camouflage their chest deformities can use compression garments that can also work as bouncing tissue stabilizers.

Proccesing of steroids in the body
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