Male and female characteristics are largely defined by the type of hormone that is more present in the human body. Male characteristics are formed because the androgen hormone has a majority. The most common and most important androgen hormone is testosterone though there are other androgen hormones like dihydrotestosterone and androstenedione.

Androgens are responsible for male characteristics like larger skeletal muscles. This is the reason why males tend to be more muscular than females. Androgens are also responsible for the development of the male reproductive system.

Androgens = anabolic androgenic steroids

In bodybuilding you will often hear the term anabolic androgenic steroids or simply steroids. This is because steroids have high amounts of the androgen hormone testosterone. Now, we know that androgens are largely responsible for muscle growth and this is the objective of bodybuilding.

The male body produces testosterone naturally and this is why males have larger muscles, deeper voices and more body hair. However, in order to gain more muscle mass quickly, a higher amount of testosterone is required and this can be accomplished by using steroids.

In the early days of steroids, those who used this substance were amazed of the results. Muscles not only grew quickly, but they grew to amazing sizes. Unfortunately, this also resulted in the abuse of the substance.

Androgens in bodybuilding

The abuse of androgens also known as steroids resulted in the realization of the negative effects. In order to stop the abuse, sports organizations started to ban athletes who were proven to use the substance. The Olympic committee was first to ban the use of steroids and other sports organizations soon followed.

Even in the world of bodybuilding, some bodybuilding competitions ban bodybuilders who use steroids. Many competitions are only for natural bodybuilders or those who do not use substances that enhance performance.

The US Government declared that steroids was a controlled substance and could only be purchased with a medical prescription. This was because steroids were proven to greatly assist the treatment of certain medical conditions.

The efforts of sports organizations, the US government, and governments of other countries to stop the use of steroids did very little to actually prevent people from using the substance. The need for bigger and stronger muscles was just too great in the bodybuilding and sporting community. In addition to these communities, the entertainment world also embraced the use.

Male and female actors and actresses were expected to have perfect bodies and these were defined by large muscles in men and slim and tight bodies for women.

Once the entertainment community had defined the standards of beauty in both men and women, the community at large soon followed. Now, not only bodybuilders, athletes, and entertainers used androgens, but anybody who wanted to look good to feel better about them selves or attract the opposite sex, started using androgens.

Anabolic androgenic steroids, sometimes called androgens or steroids, is quite popular because it does have positive effects on the body. However, nobody can turn a blind eye on the negative effects of steroids. There is a proper way to use steroids so that the negative effects are limited and somewhat controlled and steroid users need to learn exactly how to do this in order to use steroids in a safe manner.

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