If you have decided to use anabolic steroids, you need to buy the products for your cycle. There are several ways, how to do it. You can buy it from a local dealer, with the help of your friend, who is a doctor or pharmacist, or you can order it from internet. Every way has its pros and cons. However, in this guide, we will not discuss the ways, how to buy steroids, because we think, that you will manage to do it. In any case, we recommend you to buy the exact amount of tablets and ampules, which you will need. Otherwise, it could be very unpleasant to find out in the middle of the cycle, that there are not enough tablets or ampules available. Thus, if you are planning a cycle with 200 tablets of Naposim and 7 ampules of Nandrolone Decanoate, it is good to have this numbers prepared before the beginning of the cycle. Thanks to it, you will not be in a situation, that you need something, which is not available in that moment.

We think that it is the best way to use low or middle doses of anabolic steroids. For this reason, we would like to discuss two extremes, which are often a problem of users and beginners, above all.

The first extreme is a situation, when a user of doping decides to get enormous muscles extremely fast and to change from a slim boy to a huge guy with extremely big muscles. There can be no other reason for the fact that some users decide to use so high doses right from the beginning. What is more, they often use products, which are completely unsuitable for them (oxymetholone for example). Although they get bigger muscles as a result of this system, these muscles are of very low quality, shrink quickly after the end of the cycle and, above all, the side effects of the steroids are much harsher than in case of lower doses. This way of using steroids is a complete nonsense.

The other extreme is this one: An athlete wants to be better and decides to use anabolic steroids in extremely low doses. The reason for this can be restricted financial possibilities or fear from these products. This extreme way of using steroids is less dangerous than the first one; however, the results of it are not very satisfying. For example, an athlete wants to use less than 100 tablets of Naposim in seven weeks, nothing more, and expects to get 10 kg of new mass. This is totally impossible. Let’s look at one parallel: if you have flu and you use only a tenth of antibiotics prescribed by the doctor, you will not get healthy, although it can help you a little bit. It is the same in case of anabolic steroids – extremely low doses will never provide growth of huge new muscles.

For these reasons, in case of anabolic steroids, it is the best way to be between these two extreme poles. Because you do not know the reaction of your body on anabolic steroids yet, we recommend you to use lower or middle doses.

Medical needs for the application of injectable steroids

If there are injectable products in your cycle, it is necessary to buy syringes and needles. Usually, syringes with the volume of 2 or 5 ml and needles of 2,5 – 3 cm in length and 0,6 mm in gauge are used. It is pointless to use bigger syringes, because it can be dangerous to apply more than 5 ml of a substance on one place and it is also hard to work with such big syringes. It is necessary to have at least a twice higher number of needles than the number of syringes, because for the application, you need one syringe and two needles (one for pulling the substance and one for the application itself).

It is also good to have a product to disinfect skin close to the place of administration before and after the application. This disinfection can be bought in a pharmacy, syringes and needles are available in shops with medical needs (and in some pharmacies, as well). A detailed guide of administration and some useful information about syringes and needles can be found in the section How to inject steroids.

Medicaments for protecting the liver

If oral steroids, which are toxic to the liver, are a part of the cycle, it is good to use medicaments for protecting the liver. During the cycle, we can recommend to use Flavobion, which contains 70 mg of sylimarin (plant extract from silybum marianum) in one tablet, or Lagos, which contains 150 mg of sylimarin in one tablet. They are available in the majority of pharmacies. They are used twice in one day after the meal (breakfast, dinner) – 2 times 2 tablets of Flavobion or 2 times one tablet of Lagos. If substances, which are extremely toxic for the liver, are a part of the cycle, the doses can be increased on 3 x 2 tablets of Flavobion or 3 x 1 tablet of Lagos in one day.

After the cycle, Essential forte N can be used for the regeneration of the liver, which can be obtained in every pharmacy. This is used right after the end of the cycle for one or two months. The doses are the same as in the case of Lagos. Besides these medicaments, it is also possible to drink tea from the mentioned plant silybum marianum or to use other medicaments made from this plant to protect and regenerate the liver.

Vitamins and minerals

It is a big mistake to underestimate a supplementation with vitamins and minerals. Although balanced diet contains a whole spectre of vitamins and minerals, mostly, the amounts are not sufficient for the body needs. What is more, in case of an active athlete, the amounts have to be much higher than normally.

The most important vitamins for the supplementation are vitamin C, B and E. We recommend you to use daily the following doses of vitamins during the whole year: 500 to 2000 mg of vitamin C, 30 – 60 mg of B1 (thiamine), 30 – 60 mg of B2 (riboflavin), 20 – 100 mg of B6 (pyridoxine) and 100 – 200 mg of vitamin E.

Amongst minerals, with which it is good to supply the body, are calcium, magnesium and zinc. We can recommend you to use the product of company Nature’s Bounty, which provides the combination of all these minerals. Normally, one or two tablets are used, it means 330 – 660 mg of calcium, 130 – 260 mg of magnesium and 8 – 16 mg of zinc. Other minerals should be a part of your diet.

Other products

Amongst other products, which it is good to use (and not only during a steroid cycle), are protein drinks, aminoacids, glutamine, and creatine products. Protein drinks are a great source of proteins and can be even used as a replacement of food (for example while traveling). It is worth it to buy products of respected manufacturers, which are more expensive, but of much higher quality. Amino acids, glutamine and creatine do not have to be used all the time, but it can help to use them in some occasion. During bulking cycles, we can recommend using creatine, and in cutting cycles, glutamine and aminoacids can be useful.

It is all for this part of our guide. The preparation for a steroid cycle is ended and you can start getting new mass and strength. In the next part, we will discuss how to end a cycle and we will also tell something about the time between the cycles.

How to use steroids - Part III
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