In this part of our guide, we will discuss how to end a steroid cycle, so that the body could start behaving normally and so that a maximum of the new muscles remains present on the body. Besides this, we will also talk about the time between steroid cycles, which is not very popular amongst doping consumers (they usually lose the gained muscle mass and strength), but is very important for medical reasons.

End of the cycle

After several weeks of using steroids you decide to end the cycle and start with a pause. However, it is not possible to stop using steroids immediately, when maximal doses are administrated, because your body would be in a huge stress. As a result of using anabolic steroids, the level of testosterone in your body is much above the normal level and the natural production of testosterone is considerably decreased. If you stop using steroids, when maximal doses are administrated, the body will not produce the natural testosterone and you will lose a majority of the gained muscles, before the natural production of testosterone is renewed. Besides this, you might suffer from other problems caused by a lack of testosterone, for example depressions, tiredness, disinterest in sex, problems with erection or joint and muscle pain. What should you do to prevent these problems? Above all, it is necessary to decrease the doses of steroids gradually. The period, in which you decrease the doses, should last from 1/4 to 1/3 of the whole steroid cycle. For example, if the cycle lasts 7 weeks and you use the steroids according to the pyramid system, it is possible to divide the cycle in three periods. During the first two weeks, the doses are increased, for the next three weeks, the maximal doses are used, and during the last two weeks, the doses are decreased again. However, it is possible to decrease the doses for a longer time and to make the first or second period of the cycle shorter. The period, in which the doses are decreased, should never be shorter than 1/4 of the cycle. If you do not use steroids in extremely long cycles, do not use very strong substances or high doses, your natural production of testosterone should be renewed during the time, when the doses are decreased. Thus, you would not have to use further products meant for this purpose.

However, in case of some users, the principle of decreasing the doses is not enough to renew the natural production of testosterone without problems. In these cases, it is necessary to use further products, as well.

Normally, the following three substances are used:
-    Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG)
-    Clomiphene citrate
-    Tamoxifene citrate

Normally, the use of these products begins, when all the anabolic steroids are no more present in the body. For this reason, it is good to get to know the half-life of these steroids. You can get to know, what the half-life is, and find half-lives of several concrete steroids, in the article steroid half-life.

We cannot recommend using HCG. Besides of other side effects, it causes strong acne. What is more, its use might lead to Gynecomastia, thus it is unsuitable for users, who may have this kind of problems. Normally, 5000 International Units are used every fifth or seventh day. Usually, three applications are enough to start the natural production of testosterone.

The next substance is clomiphene citrate. According to us, this way of dosage is ideal: 200 mg in the first day, 100 mg during the next five days and 50 mg over the last six days. If you use products, whose package contains 10 tablets with 50 mg in one tablet, you will need exactly two packages. After longer and stronger cycles, more tablets are usually needed.

The last substance, which is used to renew the natural production of testosterone, is tamoxifene citrate. If you did not start using it during the cycle because of problems with Gynecomastia, start using it in the same time, like clomiphene citrate (when anabolic steroids are no more present in the body). It is used for three to four weeks; a normal daily dose is from 10 to 40 mg. We recommend to start using the dose of 30 – 40 mg and gradually decrease the doses until the use is not stopped completely.

However, when the natural production of testosterone is renewed thanks to the use of these substances, it is good to prevent the body from a catabolism, which sometimes appears as a result of a lack of testosterone in the body. For this purpose, the substance clenbuterol hydrochloride is used. Besides of anticatabolic effects, it is able to burn off fats, as well. This ability is used above all for losing weight. For this reason, it is often used not only after the end of the cycle, but during it already. However, it is important to say, that the body quickly gets used to this product, for this reason, its effects shrink quickly. The maximal period, for which the product can be used, are 3 to 4 weeks. After it, it should not be used for the same time. Usually, there are two different ways of its use. The first one is known as 2+2. It means that for two days, it is used, for the next two days, there is a pause. These periods switch. A daily dose is the same during the whole cycle. In one day, it is divided in two parts. If it is a day with training, one part is used before the training (in case, when there are two trainings in one day, both parts are used before the training). As a result, the training is of higher quality and, what is more, fats are burned off more easily. Nevertheless, it is not recommended to use clenbuterol in late hours, because it might lead to sleeping disorders. A normal daily dose of clenbuterol is 0,08 mg, however, it can be too much for some users. For this reason, we recommend to test your body’s reaction on the substance with the use of lower doses. The second way of using anabolic steroids is the cliff-hanger system. It means that the doses are gradually increased and the use is stopped, when the maximum is reached. In case of this system of use, there are no free days during the cycle, thus it the product is used every day. We can recommend this system as far as the use of clenbuterol is concerned. Let’s have a look on one example of using clenbuterol: It is possible to use it for three weeks. During the first week, 0,04 mg in one day is used (2 x 0,02 mg), 0,08 mg in the second week (2 x 0,04 mg), and during the last week 0,12 mg (2 x ,6 mg). However, these doses are relatively high and every user has to get to know, what doses are the most suitable for him.

Before we move to the next topic of this guide, we would like to sum up, how the steroid cycle should be ended. The main thing is to decrease the doses, before the end of the cycle. After the cycle is ended, it is good to start using clenbuterol hydrochloride to prevent the catabolism. From the half-life of the used steroids, it is necessary to find out, for how long the substances remain in the body (some substances remain for a longer period than other ones). If there are no more steroids in the body, it is possible to start using HCG, clomiphene citrate or tamoxifene citrate (if you have not started using it during the cycle). These substances should renew the natural production of testosterone. These are the things that you can make, so that you minimalize the loss of gained muscle mass. Of course, you can use other products, as well, for example glutamine, BCAA or Tribulus terrestris, but their effects are not so strong.

Pause between cycles

The next topic of this guide is a period between two cycles. In this period, no steroids are used and its purpose is to provide the body a rest, a time to regenerate and to get back to its normal state. Underestimating this period usually has negative effects on the physical state of the athlete. It is recommended, that it lasts at least the same time, like the previous cycle. It is a truth, that during this time, the gained mass shrinks. To prevent this, some users begin the next cycle sooner. However, this behaviour can result in severe medical troubles, which can cause problems for the rest of the user’s life. On the other side, if the doping consumer ends his cycle in a right way, has a good diet during the pause, trains and gives his body a time to have a rest, he keeps a majority of the gained muscles, although a part of it is always lost. During the next cycle, he should reach the body weight from the end of the previous cycle very quickly; what is more, his weight might me a little higher. However, it is necessary to say, that the first cycle are normally the most effective and gains on weight during the following cycles are not so big anymore. Let’s look at this example: If your body weight is 85 kg, you can gain up to 12 kg of new mass during the first cycle. Thus, your body weight will be 97 kg. After the end of the cycle, the new mass will begin shrinking (however, a big part of the lost weight are not muscles, but retained water) and after the pause, which will last the same time like the previous cycle, your body weight will be 92 kg. Thus, you will manage to get and keep 7 kg. In this moment, if you start another cycle, you will be back on 97 kg very soon and you will have the possibility to reach up to 12 kg until the end of the cycle. After the end of the cycle and after the pause, your body weight might be 95 kg. You will gain 3 kg (less than after the first cycle). However, this was just an example and your body can (and probably will) behave differently. Nevertheless, this principle works. In one year, it is possible to get 3 to 5 kg of new high quality muscles.

Thus, during the pause, no anabolic steroids are used. You may decrease the income of vitamins and minerals and start using Essential forte N in place of Flavobion or Lagos to treat the liver, which was harmed during the cycle. It is also good to decrease the income of calories a little bit, because a pause in using anabolic steroids makes the metabolism slower and it could result in growth of fat. It is also no more necessary to consume such a big amount of proteins, because the body is not able to absorb it. We recommend you to consume 2 – 3 kg of proteins on 1 kg of body weight, during the pause, consummation of 1,5 – 2 kg is sufficient. As far as the training in fitness centre is concerned, it is good to decrease its frequency in one week and to decrease weights, which you train with, to increase a number of exercises in one session and to increase a number of aerobic activities in place of exercises meant for concrete body parts. The pause between two cycles is an ideal time for the joints and muscles to have a rest and to prepare for the next steroid cycle, which will follow. It is also important, that the body has a possibility to regenerate. Because it is not able of such performances, which are normal during steroid cycles, it gets exhausted much more easily and a probability of an injury is much higher.

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