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Undestor Testocaps is one of the most effective orally-taken anabolic-androgenic steroids. For the special features of its active substance, testosterone undecanoate, the product is very popular amongst bodybuilders during bulking cycles. It is able to provide massive growth on muscle mass. In medicine, Undestor Testocaps is used for treating male hypogonadism and spermatogenesion disorders.

Undestor Testocaps does not at all go through liver – from intestine it is resorbed by the lymphatic system. For this reason, it is highly effective and able to guarantee growth of big muscles. This feature is highly appreciated furring the bulking cycles. A huge advantage of Undestor Testocaps is the fact that it does not aromatize into estrogen, thus the risk of Gynecomastia is very low. What is more, its negative influence on the endogenous production of testosterone is negligible.

It is common, that Undestor Testocaps is stack for the maximization of effects with other steroids. A combination with nandrolone, oxandrolone or stanozolol is recommended.

Man usually use from 120 to 280 mg of Undestor Testocaps in one day. The dose is taken in three parts after meal, if possible. In female body, use of Undestor Testocaps leads to virilization. From this reason, women should avoid using the product.

Undestor Testocaps has usually mild side effects. Sometimes acne, loss of hair or increased aggressiveness can occur

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Steroid character
Quantity 40 mg/cps. (60 cps.)
Steroid cycle Bulking cycle
Steroid form Testosterone; Oral steroids
Steroid profil Testosterone undecanoate

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Undestor Testocaps®

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