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Provironum Bayer is a very popular orally-taken antiestrogen. Its active substance, mesterolone, has the ability to prevent ricks connected with the aromatization of other steroids. For medical purposes, Provironum is used for treating male osteoporosis and male hypogonadism. Provironum Bayer is manufactured by the German company Bayer Schering.

Provironum acts as a direct replacement of the best known male hormone, testosterone. It is thus taken at the same time as the steroids with tendency to aromatize. Provironum is taken to prevent the risk of Gynecomastia caused by the aromatization. What is more, Provironum has also anabolic effects – it can provide growth of muscles of high quality.

Men usually use from 25 to 50 mg of Provironum in one day. For women, the maximal daily dose is 25 mg; however, they should not use Provironum at all, because it might cause virilization. It is common, that Provironum is stacked with products containing clomiphene citrate or tamoxifene citrate to maximize its effects.

There are only few side effects of Provironum reported. Very unusual is a long-lasting erection, which is sometimes even painful. In female body, Provironum can lead to virilization.

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Steroid character
Quantity 25 mg/tab. (50 tab.)
Steroid cycle Post Cycle Therapy cycle
Steroid form Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)
Steroid profil Mesterolone

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Provironum® Bayer

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